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Benchmark Pet Grooming

Welcome​ to our private professional pet salon! 

We don't have employees, just two dedicated owner/operators!

As the owners/operators of Benchmark Grooming, Sarah Best and "Cat" Champion are dedicated to doing what is best for each individual pet! Every pet will be handled with compassionate, competent, consistent grooming and every pet parent will be confident their loved pet is in the best hands!  We love every animal we encounter and want to help create a positive experience in a warm and welcoming environment! A spa day shouldn't be a stressful event!

We have 18 years combined pet grooming experience! Both having several certifications and hundreds of hours in elective continuing education through accredited programs, we hold ourselves above even the highest industry standards! We have always harbored a deep affection toward all animals. Our background varies from rescue work to high level dog sports and obedience.

We genuinely care about the animals and people we are blessed enough to build a relationship with through grooming. We love seeing a pet parent light up when they see their freshly groomed pup! We love the feeling of a timid or reserved pup learning they can depend on and trust us. This is our opportunity to make a positive mark on the pet community!

**All people entering and exiting the salon must adhere to all mandatory COVID-19 mandated protocols.  Hand sanitizer is available at the check in desk and we no longer have a waiting area. If you or someone you have been in contact with has been potentially exposed to COVID-19 please do not schedule an appointment and cancel if you do have one. Once you have followed all of the State guidelines we can then reschedule your pets appointment. **


Cat Champion​ & Sarah Best are both Certified Pet Stylists!

Certifications include;

Certified Pet Stylist(Cat 2011 & Sarah 2015)

Pet First Aid & CPR Certified

Puppy Handling Certified

Pet Vaccine Certified

CMC Certified

Feline Grooming Safety (Cat only)

Specialized training in the following;


Corrective Grooming

Doodle & Crossbred Coats

Bichon Frise Pet Trims

Poodle Styles

Understanding Specific Coat Types

Pet Styles

Correcting Physical Faults with Grooming

Canine Behaviors

World Groom II Attendees

World Groom III Attendees

 All American Grooming Show

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