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**Please enter the mall through the Cinema entrances or Bass Pro and come directly to the salon. Accidents must be cleaned entirely and immediately and pets must be on a leash!**

Our Kennel Policy

For typical grooming a dog will be kenneled for brief, intermittent periods to rest, drink water, to wait for their pet parent once grooming is completed and while we complete quick services such as nail trims on other pets(only when appropriate and safe a dog may be kennel dried in an open kennel with room temperature air, under supervision). If your dog has not been kennel trained or is unsafe to kennel we need to know this before we arrange an appointment. Also if you prefer your pet to not be kenneled we would absolutely need to know this before we make your pets appointment in order to book appropriately.

It is appropriate and reasonable for us to assume your pet can be safely kenneled. We can not accommodate a pet not being kenneled last minute due to several reasons. If a pet becomes destructive, unsafe or too stressed from being in a kennel the pet parent is to immediately pick up the pet and will be charged accordingly.

Dangerous or Aggressive Animals and Muzzles Policy

There are typically several dogs in the salon simultaneously. If your dog is reactive to other dogs or people we need to be made aware of that before we make your appointment. This is for your pets safety and for the safety of every person and animal in our salon. We can potentially accommodate dogs that are dog reactive, we need to be made aware in advance to book your dog appropriately. Dogs that have bitten, attacked or attempted to harm another human being are never permitted. 

Refusal of Services - Benchmark Grooming and its groomers reserve the right to refuse services in the event that your pet exhibits behavior that its groomers deem to be aggressive or dangerous. If service is refused during the process of rendering grooming services, the pet owner will only be responsible for grooming services performed up until the refusal to continue grooming service.

Health or Medical Problems Policy

Grooming can expose a hidden medical problem, aggravate a current one, or even expose pet to illness. This can occur during or after grooming. We ask that we be informed of any relevant health or medical problems your pet has or had. Such as but not limited to heart murmur, seizures, allergies and arthritis. 

Late Pet Pick-up, No Show & Cancellation Policy

Benchmark Grooming does not operate as a kennel or dog day care facility.

Failure to retrieve pet within 60 minutes after grooming has been completed and we have attempted to contact the pet owner, the pet owner will incur LATE FEES. Unless previously agreed upon, with the groomer in advance to pick their pet up at a mutually agreed upon, later time.

If you are going to miss your appointment for any reason, please contact us ASAP. We require at least a 48 hour notice for all cancellations or reschedules to allow us time to fill the space. Late appointment arrival of more than 15 minutes may be declined. No shows and appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance will be required to pay for half of the original scheduled service at the next appointment. (example: $47 Full Service Groom is scheduled and client doesn't show up to appointment. At the next appointment the client will be charged an additional $23.50 to the cost of services being provided that day.) This policy is to help protect us as a small business. Regardless we have lost that revenue, wasted time we have reserved for a specific pet or pets and we have no way to recoup those funds. 

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